Leprosy Hospital, Masanga

In 1988, the bush hospital of Masanga was the only facility in Sierra Leone where leprosy patients could recieve treatment. It was well equipped and offered the facilities for re-education of the damaged limbs. After treatment, the individuals gradually established a village nearby to the hospital as they were unable to return home.

Whilst planning his sabbatical year, Mr Harald was called to work as a physiotherapist in Masanga, Northern Sierra Leone. Aside from his duties as a member of the medical team, he witnessed extreme poverty, lack of food and healthcare for the general population.

His long commitment to the community started there and then.

On his return to Switzerland, he soon collected enough funds and was able to send back to the hospital medical supplies and essential equipment to save lives. More supplies have been sent regularly by containers ever since to Masanga and now, since the opening of the hospital, to Magbenteh.