Feeding Programme

Special thanks go to ASSEDA and the Aurora Foundation for supporting the Magbenteh Community Boarding School with a feeding programme, ensuring each of our 186 students receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch 5 days per week.

In a country with a chronic malnutrition rate of 30% for children under 5 in 2014, according to the World Food Programme, many of the children attending the school are malnourished, only previously eating once per day and executing domestic work both prior and after school.

A specific focus on the nutritional aspect has been emphasised in regard to the quality of ingredients used by our cooks, as well as ensuring vitamins, fat, calcium and protein in particular are incorporated into the diet. For example, breakfast consists of porridge, pap with lime and sugar, eggs and bread. Whilst lunch contains chicken or fish with rice, cassava leaf, beans and groundnut soup.

Each child has the responsibility of washing their bowl and cutlery prior and after eating, creating a sense of self-worth and accountability.

We are extremely grateful to both ASSEDA and the Aurora Foundation for their commitment to our work in improving the lives of children in Bombali District. A healthy child in an interactive learning environment allows for inspirational and quality education.