MCBS: GoFundMe Donation Campaign

Sakoma SL_Spain, a partner of SSLDF, has launched an online fundraising campaign in April 29th, 2020 on the website, with a goal of 1,100 € to cover the cost of 40 bags of rice to be sent to MCBS students foster homes to guarantee the livelihood of the children who attend school and their families for approximately the next 45 days, until the end of the school term.

MCBS successful feeding program has been running since the opening of the school thanks to the collaborative efforts of SSLDF, its fundraising partners, and our generous donors. It is very necessary since the students come from very impoverished Makeni and catchment areas where most of them were orphaned by the EVD outbreak in 2014.

However, and with the global outbreak of COVID 19, all schools had to close in March as part of the government plans to avoid further spread.

This latest food security analysis shows a deterioration in food security in Sierra Leone compared to February 2019, with the total food-insecure population increasing from 34 percent to 47.7 percent.
This implies that almost half of the population of Sierra Leone (3,921,752) is not consuming enough nutritious diet to live a healthy life.

Whilst food insecurity is highest in rural districts, it should be noted that the January 2020 FSMS shows a sharp increase in the number of urban residents living in food insecurity. The global socio-economic downturn impacted by the COVID-19 may exacerbate the already difficult food security situation in the country.[1] 

The campaign was a major success. The funds were secured within 24 hours. Once the funds are transferred SSLDF team will tour the children foster homes and deliver the provisions