As a grass-roots NGO, the Swiss-Sierra Leone Development Foundation is run by a small dedicated team of both Sierra Leoneans and international staff.

Over the years, SSLDF has received some wonderful volunteers who have greatly contributed to our vital work. All volunteers are expected to stay a minimum of three months in order to provide a long-term impact.

Medical Professionals: 

The Magbenteh Community Hospital staff are trained locally by local medical instructors, most of whom have had little opportunity to be exposed to medical care outside of Sierra Leone.  Therefore it is important to expand and develop the skills of our medical staff. Whether you are looking to complete your University practicum or elective placement or a fully qualified Doctor or Nurse, we would love to hear from you!

Admin, IT & Education Professionals: 

We are always looking for a range of professionals to volunteer with us here in Sierra Leone to strengthen the fundraising and communication department of the NGO, get in touch to see what opportunities are available.

Contact Sa’Vone Williams, our Project Coordinator for more information: info@ssldf.com

Medical testimonial:

  • Dr Tom Durrands joined us in January 2017 for 5 months:

“I’ve been working at Magbenteh Community Hospital for exactly five weeks now, and I have to say that I love it. The work is both challenging and rewarding. I have encountered a whole host of interesting patients, some of which have presented with complex conditions and complications. I am learning a huge amount and also feel that others are learning much from me. I have been involved in creating a teaching program for the CHOs which has so far been well received. I have also been active in teaching during ward rounds and clinics, and have presented on Lassa Fever at the morning Grand Round. 

I believe that myself and Dr Gen will continue to make a positive impact into the development of the hospital, and will continue to enjoy every moment.”

  • Dr Sarah Luc joined us for her medical elective in June 2017 for 2 months:

“I spent two months working in the Out-Patients Department of Magbenteh Community Hospital. I treated a lot of patients, from young children to the elderly, with a large variety of sickness complaints and diseases. It enabled me to learn new things, especially about medical conditions which are uncommon in Europe.

I also experienced some challenges which made me realise the problems facing Sierra Leone’s health system; deficiency of financial aid and material resources, lack of information given to patients about preventable infectious diseases, the difficulty of referring patients to bigger hospitals in Freetown for proper management due to financial and logistical issues.

What I will nevertheless keep at the forefront of my mind is the enormous effort of the medical staff at Magbenteh Community Hospital to ensure that patients coming into the facility seeking help, will receive the best possible care. Working with such people was a very rewarding and interesting experience. I will miss it very much!“ Continue reading here.

Logistics testimonial:

  • Lydia Prebeck joined us in August 2016 for 1 year:

“I am sadly coming to the end of my one year volunteer placement at Magbenteh Community Hospital as the Inventories Specialist. My goal was to implement a documentation system for the pharmacy store and the dispensary, working alongside a Sierra Leonean counterpart, to strengthen the capacity building element of SSLDF.

Patrick, my counterpart, who has been working at the hospital since 2008, taught me how to better understand how we could construct and implement a system without using computers. Due to an inconsistent supply of electricity we are unable to depend on electronic spreadsheets or computers. In return, Patrick learnt the value of ensuring we have more consistent record keeping as well as supplying management technics. Capacity building is vital for small NGO’s working in developing nations such as Sierra Leone as it allows for national staff to improve and further their skill sets…“  Continue reading here.