Back to School 2020-2021

The 2019/2020 academic year commenced on Tuesday 18th September 2019 and ended on the 31st March 2020. The short on the academic year was due to the Coronavirus which prevented schools from the third term.

There are two hundred and forty (240) students in total, nine (9) teachers, and 2 junior staff (cleaners)

Pupils in classes 1 to 3 are offering twelve (12) subjects. Namely; Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Health Education, Religious Education, Creative Practical Art, Literature, Composition, English Sentence Pattern and Structure (E, S, P&S), Spelling & Dictation, Reading & Comprehension, Pre-vocational Studies.

Pupils in classes 4 to 6 are offering sixteen (16) subjects. Namely; Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Health Education, Religious Education, Creative Practical Art, Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Literature, Composition, E.S.P&S, Spelling & Dictation, Reading & Comprehension, Letter Writing, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Aptitude.

The 2019/2020 academic year operated for only two terms. The Covid-19 affected the last academic year negatively as a result, schools had to shut down even before the end of the second term. However, the expected syllabus to be covered was not covered as a result of the pandemic, although 70% was covered.

The curriculum came to a halt as schools have to be closed down indefinitely until July when schools resume only for examination classes i.e class six (6) to ensure the completion of the remaining topics, and that was successfully covered by the teachers.

During the one month reopened, the management conducted a series of sensitization to the pupils and teachers on how to control the spread of the disease. All Covid-19 protocols were observed throughout this period.

The National Primary School Examination (NPSE) was conducted on the 3rd of August 2020. Our pupils took the exams on the said date and everything went on successfully. We are expecting the NPSE results to be available before the commencement of the next academic year, starting on the 5th of October 2020.

Upon the reopening of schools, we will continue the sensitization on the protocols of the Covid-19, wherein all teachers and pupils should observe the following regulations that are using of the face mask, hand washing, temperature check, and also teachers training on the curriculum and teaching techniques as a way of upgrading themselves. We will also work in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education (MBSSE) and the West Africa Examination Committee (WAEC) in order for the school to have an examination number for the next National Primary School Education (NPSE).

Finally, if the current situation goes back to normal, we plan to have a graduation ceremony for all the class six (6) pupils since it has scheduled on the school calendar as the end of year activity.