MCBS: Water Well Project Completed

Magbenteh Community Boarding school was established in 2016 as a community school and boarding house for orphaned children. The Water well project was approved in 2019 a donation from SSLDF friend overseas Ms. Fernanda Porto was received in the same year.  We thank Miss Porto for her support of our cause.

The Construction team assessed 3 digging spots and chose the one that has the best features such as ground elevation, a fair distance from closest latrines, and littering spots.

The water well was built in the highest point within the school premises to avoid, during the rainy season, contaminated rainwater to wash over it.  The well is far from the swamp since dirt and littering will run down from the neighboring houses.

The soil surrounding the well is of a non-porous nature which means the water has no way up but through the dug well. This will ensure that the well won’t be at risk of drying fast.

The construction company started the work during the month of March 2020. March is the driest month of the year since the rainy season starts between April and May. The digging went deep to hit an optimum depth to retrieve the cleanest water and avoid dry well in the hottest months in the coming years.

The digging team reached a depth of 14 feet, 4 feet wide which was a very good result. The water well construction is completed and ready to be used.

The well would be used for showers and basic cleaning, with the idea that the students would fill their buckets, which they would use to shower, brush their teeth, and any extra cleaning that is needed. This is easy and safe for the students, as no extra water would be wasted, leaving a clean environment.

Magbenteh Community Boarding School is currently closed due to the COVID 19 outbreak. SSLDF is still looking for donors to fund building the toilets and showers facilities then the boarding house will be able to open and shelter 120 orphaned children while providing them with the proper school education.